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Music listening habits are changing:

The way we enjoy music is changing. An ever increasing number of people are using their mobile devices to download and enjoy their favorite tunes. This especially true for teens and young adults who prefer music played through mobile devices. Musicians need to change with the trends in order to keep their music in front of the buying public

Onseeker helps sell music

Musicians can make the most of the changing trends by using musician apps designed by Onseeker. Our software professionals can help any musician stay in touch with fans and, more importantly, people who buy their music. Artists can use musician apps to tell fans more about themselves. Bands and individual artists can use musician apps to preview singles and sell albums. A good app can help launch a new recording onto the Billboard top 100 and build a musician’s career. Onseeker produces the best apps for musicians

Control merchandise sales with Onseeker apps

Sales of T-shirt and other fan merchandise can be controlled by the band or musician. Fans can order products using an Onseeker musician app and arrange to have them delivered right to them. Using an Onseeker musician’s app, artists do not have to rely on, or pay for, a wholesaler or fulfillment house to handle their merchandise sales. They manage that all themselves and keep the profits. Onseeker musician apps are a win-win for the fans and for artists. In addition to controlling merchandise sales, keeping better track of who is using their name is also easier to manage when they keep tighter control on the production and sale of branded goods.

Publish photos and concert dates

Artists can use our best musician apps to let people know about advance concert dates and help them get tickets. Fans can also use their mobile devices to get directions to the concert venue. Let fans see what goes on behind the scenes by making photos available through an Onseeker musician app. The key to success for any business, whether it’s music or merchandise, is letting potential buyers know what is available. Changes are easy to manage, too.

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