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Today, more and more people are using their mobile devices for keeping in touch with friends and family as well as shopping, traveling and other business and personal needs. But Catholic parishes and organizations are also finding they can use Catholic apps to connect with the faithful and the curious, and are using Catholic android apps as part of their ministry.

Prayers, devotions, scripture readings and more

For Catholic organizations, as well as parishes, Catholic apps can be used for classic prayers, devotionals, meditations, daily and weekly scripture readings, prayer requests and links to Catholic news sites. You can share photo galleries from special occasions, links to meditations, hymns or teachings via YouTube or Vimeo videos. Your parish or organization can also include links to Twitter feeds, blogs, and Facebook pages for both your overall ministry and leaders of special ministries.

Stay connected

Catholic applications for Android can also be used to keep ministry staff connected to each other and strengthen ties between parishioners and members. The app can provide information such as photos, bios, profiles and other information.

Mass times and other essential information

Christian apps and Catholic apps can both provide up to date information on mass and service times, special events and other activities including devotions, prayer and Bible study gatherings and weekly confession times. These church applications can also provide travel directions for visitors, including turn-by-turn directions, parking instructions, weather related updates and other information.


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