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Fans will never miss a game again with Onseeker mobile sports apps

Fans are closer than ever to their favorite sports teams thanks to mobile sports apps. Sports team apps are a proven way to boost a club and stay connected with your fan base because fans can instantly share game and event details through email, Facebook, RSS blogs and their Twitter feeds. Sports apps are cost effective and connect with the younger generation of tech-savvy fans who can boost your viral presence online.

Your team is always growing and changing, and that is why with Onseeker apps, you will be able to add new events/games and coupons without resubmitting your APP. You will be able to control what pictures, coupons, events, etc. that display on your app, giving you complete control and allowing your app to grow as fast as your franchise.

With Onseeker sports apps, you can centralize all of your social media activity. Fans can send notifications about games, stay up to date with your automatically updated RSS feeds, and stay engaged with photo galleries and links to videos on Youtube or Vimeo. Fans can check out your line and bios/stats of all their favorite players. They can even check out the information on your cheerleaders and mascot.

Onseeker football team apps

Missing a Monday Night Football game can be a bummer, but fans can now stream live audio of their favorite sports teams with an Onseeker Technologies football game app. Our football apps also allow fans to purchase football jerseys from their favorite player, along with foam fingers, wall posters and other merchandise right from their Smartphones. Some happy customers, the Colorado Ice or West Texas Rough Necks football teams, would agree with us.

Hockey team apps

Onseeker Technologies has developed an Android and iPhone hockey app for many professional hockey teams. With the venue option on our apps, your fans can get turn-by-turn directions to your stadium, share a seating map with their friends and map our where to buy tickets and concessions. Your fans will never have to be late for a game again with a hockey iPhone app.

Baseball team apps

Onseeker baseball iPhone apps were purchased by teams like the Colorado Eagles and the Lake Erie Crushers. One of the great advantages of our sports team app is your ability to share sponsor or team coupons. This means your fans will no longer have to search through piles of newspapers or conduct last minute scrambles in the back mini van to find coupons. With this feature, you can add coupons for merchandise, upcoming games and memorable events that your fans can instantly use or share with friends.