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Apps are everywhere these days - iPads, iPhones, e-readers, Android phones, BlackBerrys and many other devices are all capable of running various applications that enhance user experience. Mobile applications development is the process by which these apps are created, and it takes knowledgeable, talented and creative people to make them. The mobile apps development staff at Onseeker Technologies is comprised of exactly these types of people. We have designed hundreds of engaging, fun and useful apps for many different businesses and organizations.

Types of mobile apps

One of the first steps in mobile applications development involves choosing the type of app that will best serve your needs as a business or organization. The functions that your app performs will largely determine its usability and popularity. Common categories of apps include entertainment, games, news, utilities, search tools, social networking, productivity, travel, weather and sports. Your app may not specifically provide any of these services, but you can use ideas from each of these category types to form a unique app that maximizes your exposure.

For example, if you're looking to promote a sports team, you may want an app that provides users with directions to games, gameday weather forecasts, team schedules, relevant news stories and current rosters. Your app could be designed to allow for users to easily share any of this information on social media sites. Also, you could incorporate more entertaining elements into your app, such as a fun, simple, game where users try to hit baseballs or a section where users can play the team's fight song.

How apps are developed

Android and iPhone app development is a process that requires a wide range of knowledge, including experience with execution environments such as iOS, HP webOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Symbian OS. Developers must also know many different programming languages, including Java, C, C++, HTML, Visual Basic, CSS, Object Pascal and many more. After a general design has been agreed upon and the programming has been completed, the apps are tested using an emulation program. The apps can then be sold or made available of free in app stores.

Onseeker app development services

The staff at Onseeker has the experience, tools and techniques needed to create a great app for you or your business. We've been designing mobile apps for churches, sports teams, radio stations, authors and musicians since 2009. We can make sure that you are receiving exposure on the latest electronic devices, regardless of what industry you're a part of. In addition to our great mobile apps development team, we also provide additional services that make us a one-stop destination for Internet marketing. We can help you design a new website, optimize an older website, design a mobile version of your site, create a company logo and record any video or audio that your business may need.


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