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Getting noticed in today's music industry can be incredibly difficult. It takes much more than simply creating great music to get people to listen to it. Bands in today's market need to develop an online presence on sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Bandcamp, Last.FM, Myspace, SoundCloud, ReverbNation, Google Music and several others. In addition to this, it's necessary to advertise your band through traditional means such as posting flyers, creating stickers, designing T-shirts, selling hard copies and playing gigs as often as possible.

Many artists now have another marketing tactic in their arsenal - a mobile app dedicated solely to the promotion of their music. Getting in on this idea can be difficult - musicians are capable of making T-shirts and creating online profiles, but not everybody will know how to create band apps. This is where Onseeker can help. We've already created hundreds of apps that musicians use to promote their art.

Band app features

Onseeker helps create apps that keep bands in touch with their audience. For example, we can create a section of your app that keeps fans informed about your tour schedule. They'll be able to purchase tickets, get gig reminders and see directions to the venue. Also, they'll be able to see venue information such as phone number, age restrictions and nearby public transit.

The best apps for music should also include methods for selling your merchandise. This is why Onseeker creates rock band apps that allow musicians to offer their posters, stickers, CDs, T-shirts, artwork and anything else they wish to sell through mobile devices. Of course, your app will also include the option for fans to listen to, and purchase, digital copies of your latest single or full album.

Simply providing information about yourself is another great way to promote your music and stay in touch with your fans. Your app can contain bios of each member of your band, in addition to photos and videos of your band in action. You can also send out announcements to all of your fans through the app. Links to all of your online profiles will also be provided.

Additional strategies for bands

Band apps are not the only way that Onseeker can help you gain exposure. We also provide branding services. This means that if your band needs a logo designed, we can work with you to get exactly the type of image you want. We can then incorporate this logo into your app and website. If you don't have a website, we can help you with that too. Our staff includes expert web designers that can create a fully-featured, unique website that keeps your fans informed and provides information to any newcomers interested in your music.

In addition to online services, we can also help you record your music. We have a state-of-the art recording studio equipped with the best tools and technologies for recording audio and video. Whether you need your new single recorded, a music video produced or a short promotional video created, we can help you realize your goals in a cohesive way.


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