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Q. Will I be able to update my app without submitting for re-approval?

A. Yes, you'll have your own admin portal online where you can add/remove content on the go, without having to re-submit your app as an update.

Q. When will I have to re-submit my app for approval?

A. You'll resubmit your app anytime something is done that requires a refreshed version of it to appear on the iOS App store or Google Play. This will usually only happen when we are adding features to your app.

Q. How long does it take for my app to be approved by Apple?

A. It typically takes 7-21 days for apps to be approved.

Q. How long does it take for my app to be approved by Google?

A. Google does not have an approval process, therefore it will go live immediately (note: it could still take up to 5 hours for it to appear on all devices).

Q. What does the monthly fee cover?

A. The monthly fee covers three things:
1. Server space for your app/admin portal / 2. 24 hour technical support / 3. Future updates/enhancements to the apps!

Q. Will I have to re-load content into my admin portal for things to work on Android?

A. No! Your existing content will push directly to both iOS devices and Android devices from ONE place! It's magical!

Q. Why does Apple charge a yearly $99 fee to developers?

A. This is part of Apples anti-spam policy. They've limited the amount of similar-function apps that can be added to one developer account, resulting in clients having to create one account per app type.

Q. What if I need help loading content?

A. We've created a series of tutorial videos that you can access at any time to help with questions you may have.These links will be sent along with your welcome e-mail. You're more than welcome to contact us if you need help with things that are not covered in the videos!

Q. Once I'm done loading content, how do I let you know I'm ready to send my app for approval?

A. Please send frank@onseeker.com an e-mail. He'll look over your content, make sure we've received your artwork, and let you know if we're ready to move forward?

Q. What if I don't have access to/time to build the artwork for the app (loading screen, icons etc)?

A. We're here to help! Our team of professional artists can help craft your apps logo/artwork. There is a one time fee of $100 for app artwork.

Q. If you design my artwork for my iPhone app, will you charge me again for the Android app also?

A. Heck no, if you buy the $100 app artwork package, it'll cover iOS AND Android artwork.

Q. How often do you add new features to each of your app platforms?

A. We usually add new features every six months or so.

Q. Do you ever use ideas that your clients have in updates?

A. That's the only reason we add features! We listen intently to the needs of our customers and integrate them into our apps often! Everybody wins! Feel free to e-mail ideas to frank@onseeker.com if you've got something great to add.

Q. I'd like to help sell Onseeker apps. Could I contact someone to find out how I can?

A. Of course! Holler at roy@onseeker.com, and he'll give you the lowdown.


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