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Onseeker Technologies offers modern business solutions for companies and entrepreneurs of all types. Since 2009, we've been helping businesses, sports teams, radio stations, authors and musicians develop a presence on the latest Apple and Android mobile markets. But we're much more than just a mobile software developer. In addition to the many high-quality apps we've created, we help clients with general marketing strategies including branding and web design. We also offer audio, visual and graphical services to help you create top-of-the-line promotional content.

MOBILE APP. Being present in the mobile market and offering an app to users is absolutely essential for business success in today's market. The prevalence of iPhones, iPads, and tablets that run the Android OS has skyrocketed. At Onseeker, we strive to become one of the top app developers by creating useful, fun and creative apps that allow your customers, patrons, or fans to stay informed about you. For example, we've created apps for sports teams that allow fans to get coupons, stay abreast of lineup changes, read player bios, get parking information, and much more.

WEBSITE DESIGN. Being a great mobile application developer means we look at the whole package. Your website is just as important as your apps, and we have a talented team of web designers that are ready to help you create and maintain a positive online presence. We always use the most up-to-date techniques and practices, and we'll work with you to get your site looking and functioning exactly as you want it.

MOBILE WEB. Having a website is crucial for a business. So is being accessible anywhere. Thankfully, with Onseeker Technologies, businesses can now have a mobile website to make it easier for their customers to find them. Now when a user types in the URL of the regular website on their phone, they will be automatically redirected to an easy to use mobile site. Onseeker is an innovative agency that converts websites designed for the desktop into a mobile friendly website. Your new mobile site built on our platform will sync to your existing website and automatically be compatible with all smartphones including the iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile.

MULTIMEDIA / GRAPHIC. You may find that you need additional media to market yourself or your company. At Onseeker, we create promotional videos, graphics, and audio recordings using state of the art technology. Being a great mobile application developer, we can use whatever media you desire to work in conjunction with your apps. Whether you need a voice over, and instructional video, or an animation you hope will go viral, we've got you covered.

Our team will provide you with everything you need - app development, web design, and other media - all with your own personalized branding strategy. This makes Onseeker your one-stop destination for all your modern marketing needs.

BRANDING. Having a recognizable logo, name, tagline, or sound associated with your business is incredibly important for consumer recognition. It also helps to make your business seem more established and provides a way to target specific markets. Unfortunately, some businesses or organizations don't take advantage of branding as much as they should. This is where we come in. Whether you're a law firm or an up-and-coming rock band, Onseeker can help you create a memorable, eye-catching logo.


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