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In today's world, business moves as fast as the speed of light. In the past decade, the Internet was the new and efficient way to shop for products and services. In today's market, more and more users are switching over to mobile devices such as Smartphones to perform their everyday shopping. Onseeker technologies has been pioneering mobile application technology since 2006, before the iPad or Smartphones were introduced.

What this means for the small business owner

If you are a small business owner and you do not incorporate small business apps, you are missing a growing chunk of your market share. Mobile browsing takes up almost 10 percent of all browsing and continues to grow as Smartphones and tablets become more available. Viewing a website that is not optimized for mobile viewing on a Smartphone or tablet can look awkward or even unprofessional. Mobile websites by Onseeker Technologies allow for a clean, navigable presentation. Onseeker Technologies also provides custom business apps that allow you to integrate your Facebook, Twitter and blog feeds with a touch of a button.

Business apps can also help your small business save money and reach your audience. Business mobile applications can significantly reduce the costs of owning and operating a business and give your customers instant access to your company website, no matter their location. Onseeker apps link all of your employees in one place, with a section dedicated to each employee's biography, photo and experience. You can also link your app to your Facebook page, Linkedin profile, or YouTube account, expanding your online presence and brand.

Custom business apps by Onseeker

The staff at Onseeker Technologies are specialists in business applications development with experience in Joomla Content Management system (CMS), Flash Web Design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Onseeker specializes in custom business apps. Onseeker technologies will ensure that your web site gains maximum exposure by designing an efficient, clean and fully functional mobile website or business app.

Do not have the budget or time to build a brand new business app from the ground up? Onseeker also offers mobile business apps. Choose from a variety of mobile app templates that Onseeker will customize to your needs. Onseeker apps allow you to add and remove images, links and more without having to reprogram your app. This allows for your app to stay as up to date as your business.


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