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Charles Danna

We describe Charles as a natural born innovator and entrepreneur. He holds a few patents, has written children's books and is delving into sci-fi novels, he was even a firefighter in his late teens. Charles is a teacher for a life group and a bible class, holds 3 degrees and one of his favorite sayings is "Sometimes the recipe just isn't in the soup". Our team has no clue what it means, but it's probably good.

When Roy isn't bustin' chops or making up ridiculous nicknames for employees, he can almost always be found with a fishing rod in his hands. As former police officer, he knows a thing or two about how business should run - and amazingly he hasn't had to cuff anyone yet.

Roy Gonzalez
Frank Danna

Other than being taller than most people, there isn't too much to say about Frank. If I were you, I'd keep up to date with what he's doing via All joking aside, Frank is our communications expert. He's a big fan of technology and design, especially when the two are used well.

We joke with Jee about being from New Jersey and we have every right to. I mean COME ON - it's NEW JERSEY! Beyond being an amazing graphic designer, she's also got a fine assortment of exotic tea in her office. Odds are she probably won't let you try them.

Jee Youn

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